Industrial and residential construction


Saneko Engineering Ltd. is a company with a long history activity in the field of industrial and residential construction - production and construction - assembly works for constructing any kind of public and industrial buildings, halls, warehouses and single-family houses.


Priorities in our team work are shaped by the use of modern technologies and materials.


Our goal is to create products with an optimum quality-price ratio, which is achieved by covering the entire investment process through complete engineering.


Achieving this goal is achieved through the professionalism, high qualification and experience of the company's staff.


Procurement and installation of metal structures


Our production base for the preparation of metal structures

is equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and equipment.


Depending on the design decisions and thanks of the production facilities the company prepares constructions, both from composite sections, and from hot-rolled or cold-bent profiles, which comply with European standards.


Application of fire protection and anti-corrosion coatings


We apply the highest standards in the application of anti-corrosion coatings and swelling flame retardants on steel structures.


SANEKO ENGINEERING Ltd does not make any compromises regarding the application of the application technology.


During the application, non-destructive testing is carried out to determine the thickness in accordance with the technical documentation.


After application, protocols are prepared, on the basis of which SANEKO ENGINEERING Ltd guarantees the fulfillment of the project indicators and their compliance in accordance with the issued ETA for the specific product.




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