Industrial paints and coatings

Insulation materials for terraces, water-based paint for interior and exterior coating of concrete surfaces and plasters, as well as durable primers for all applications.



This is an acrylic emulsion paint, specially designed to protect the exterior and interior surfaces of industrial buildings, hotels and more.


High quality latex paint for interior coating of concrete surfaces, plasters in addition to wooden surfaces that are properly prepared.

Smaltodur Primer

Primer based on acrylic solvent. It exhibits high resistance to ultraviolet light, which leads to excellent resistance to yellowing. Used on concrete surface, plaster and old lime.


This is an acrylic elastomeric paint, specially designed for use on concrete and plaster. It has excellent waterproofing properties.

Acrylic Primer

This is a protective primer, specially designed to be used to close the pores of concrete, plaster and other masonry coatings. Shows excellent resistance to water, salt, bases and acid solutions.

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Industrial paints by Smaltolin S.A.